CPVTTF- Chapter 9

READ >:>:>:>>>HERE<;<;<<<< for the cat and tree story. Real chapter is in the word IT lowercase. So like, I forgot to check the date and unknowingly it’s already 7 days since I updated. Ah... time move fast... Btw, there’s some scene of hunger session on around the beginning of the story. Just the beginning tho. … Continue reading CPVTTF- Chapter 9


CPVTTF – Chapter 8

CLICK THERE FOR THE CAT AND TREE STORY Real cheaper is HERE lower case. Last time, I asked you guys to vote wether I should just finish this novel or took another novel to translate. Well, the one who didn’t want me to is 61 votes vs 19. Well, no new novel. ( ; ; … Continue reading CPVTTF – Chapter 8

Lost Temple Edited Version – Update Chapter 9 (and announcement)

Yo, guys, the edited ch.9 is finished. go there to read it. I won't be editing the chapter directly on churnie site anymore because they got a site editor now, so expect that the paragraph is kinda messy before they edited them. Also, I just got confirmation that my project got approved, so yeah, I … Continue reading Lost Temple Edited Version – Update Chapter 9 (and announcement)