CPVTTF – Chapter 14

THE STORY OF THE CAT AND THREE IS >>>>>HERE<<<<<< the real chapter is under the word UPDATE lowercase. Heyo! Thanks for the understanding for everyone reading! I’ll continue to work hard translating! 😀 This is the update! The counter for extra chapter is is currently at 3/10 kofi! You can add in the number down … Continue reading CPVTTF – Chapter 14

CPVTTF – Chapter 13

READ >:>:>:>>>HERE<;<;<<<< for the cat and tree story. The chapter is under the word OKAY lowercase. cough... so... I’ve spent the last two weeks reading. And kinda forgotten that I have to translate this novel? I think I’ve read up to 600 chapters of different novels and then getting busy at work. I’ll definitely make … Continue reading CPVTTF – Chapter 13