Info update for this week.

not chapter update. Sorry.

Hello everyone. Sorry i ended up missing for two weeks now.

If you remember, that last chapter updates i was sick (and became unnecessarily salty), and then i got better. I then proceed to do my jobs and didnt translate for a while… then got a little cold again… *table flip*

Anyway, just gonna say that I’m alive and well, and has began translating ch.11. It might be out in 2 or 3 days the latest. Ill make sure i updated this week.

And also, i will be setting a goal on my kofi for a bonus chapter when i reached 10 kofis goal because unsurprisingly, i need the money.

The bonus chapter update might not be immediate(cause life…) and if there’s a chapter that is too long, i will count it as two chapter in the future. If i forgot, you can remind me.

I just wanna say that. Thanks for reading. Ill see you in a few days.

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2 thoughts on “Info update for this week.

  1. Damn getting a cold sucks but such is life ah…

    It’s no problem at all, life comes first, we’ll be here waiting patiently! Thanks for all your hard work! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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