CPVTTF (MTL) – CH. 63 – CH. 77

  hey~ there's the update after more than a month.... ahahahahaha... okay, I'm kinda tired from working on several project of my work, so the edit is a lot more wonkier than ever. :p anyway. here's arc five. enjoy with a dash of headaches! I'll see you guys later. I really need to read novels … Continue reading CPVTTF (MTL) – CH. 63 – CH. 77

CPVTTF (MTL) – CH. 46 – CH. 62

So.... I'm still alive! yay. I've been very busy with work I didn't even realize it's been so long since my last post, and I kind of forgotten about this whole thing lol. when I do remember, I'm in the middle of work, so it's not really convenient for me to upload it, and I … Continue reading CPVTTF (MTL) – CH. 46 – CH. 62