CPVTTF (MTL) – CH.97 – CH.113

Yo guys. I intended to upload a few days ago but sometime came up and stuff, so I only able to do it today. hope y'all healthy and stay safe. I've also been getting sick but fortunately it's not covid Chan. so anyway, here's the seventh arc! happy reading! names werestill mixed up a lot … Continue reading CPVTTF (MTL) – CH.97 – CH.113

CPVTTF (MTL) – CH. 78 – CH. 96

Hi guys, sorry for being months mia without updates again. mostly I'm just being really down and getting sick. and I'm very happy that I'm getting more comments than I usually do at this time lol. I might not always reply but I swear I do read them all, so thank you for the time … Continue reading CPVTTF (MTL) – CH. 78 – CH. 96