CPVTTF (MTL) CH. 29 – CH. 45

Hiiiiiiiiii guys, sorry I'm late. I got busy and also got sick this week so the chapters ended up just staying on my files together with arc 4 since I have no energy to upload it. (:'3/ ) I'm still sick tho orz. anyway, here chapter 29. remember that if there's anything on the plot … Continue reading CPVTTF (MTL) CH. 29 – CH. 45


PLEASE READ TO THE END IF POSSIBLE. THANKS IN ADVANCE. (Link for arc 2 at the bottom) Hi everyone! it's been 3 months since my last update and some days ago, I got an email asking if I'm still translating this, and below is my answer (i copy pasted it) Hello there! Unfortunately I've been … Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT! CPVTTF (MTL) CH.18 TO CH.28